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Command Line SEO: Sorting & Filtering

A photo of colorful canoes on a lake symbolizing the columns and sorting of a CSV file. It’s fairly common to get a list of URLs or a csv dump from an SEO tool or even parsed server logs. When trying to analyze the data, the first reaction is typically to load the data into Excel or Google Docs where the columns can be sorted, deduped, or filtered to narrow the data set to something more manageable. However, a program like Excel can sometimes take several steps to import and selectively filter the data how you might want it. On top of it all, when dealing with large data sets, Excel can sometimes be very slow the mac beachball of death to simply open the file, let alone filter or sort columns & rows.

Using the command line, we can quickly whittle down larger data sets into something much more manageable before loading it into a spreadsheet program.

An SEO Resource for Hackers

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of SEO bullshit out there, and many of the ‘technical’ SEO articles out there, aren’t really all that technical. Heck many are written by people who haven’t even seen the command line before.