search signals | SEO the /ha(rd|cker)/ way

An SEO Resource for Hackers

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of SEO bullshit out there, and many of the ‘technical’ SEO articles out there, aren’t really all that technical. Heck many are written by people who haven’t even seen the command line before.

For my Hacker Homies

The large majority of the articles you’ll find here are written for developers because too many times I’ve seen SEOs provide requirements without the “why” or any expectation of the “how”, and that just sucks.

I’ve been a marketer and SEO, but I’ve also been a front-end dev and a product manager; So I’m well aware that sometimes if feels like there’s a lack of transparency and that sometimes requirements are just “thrown over the wall” with the expectation that they’ll be done “right” (whatever that means).

I believe that SEO is not a specialized job for 1 person or a small team of people, but the job of the whole company. Devs and sysadmins are the folks on the front line, and by having a more informed frontline, your company will have a better chance of success.

The information on this site is meant to give developers, sysadmins, and NetOps a better understanding of SEO through practical technical implementations. Knowledge is power, and I want to give you the power to call out any lame SEO who doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. This should empower you to make architectural decisions that not only make sense from an efficiency and cost stand point, but also potentially help the company generate more revenue in the long term.

Finding Balance

There’s a fine balance between what’s good for SEO and what’s good for code maintenance or server effciency. Not all things that are best for SEO will be best for development, but this will at least give you a better perspective of why things are being requested and what the potential business justification is.

I also hope this will give you the additional insight to come up with a solution that can satisfy the business need without sacrificing anything on the development side.

Making SEO a priority, or even part of your ‘hacker way’ hopefully isn’t like climbing Mount Everest. But even if it is, I hope we’ll be your basecamp to an interesting journey through SEO.