Full Stack Technical SEO
Like a full stack developer, being a full stack technical SEO aligns closely with the engineering discipline.
Inspired by the OSI layer model, the SEO technology stack is a way of associating technical SEO techniques and tactics to the various levels of a web architecture. Just like a Full Stack Developer, understanding how to leverage each part of the technology stack will help you become a Full Stack SEO.
Layer 12: Link
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Offsite/Inbound links
  • Anchor text
Layer 11: Content
Layer 10: Javascript
Layer 9: CSS
Layer 8: Media Assets
Layer 7: HTML Page
Layer 6: URLs
Layer 5: Domain
  • Hostname
    • Domain Name
    • Sub-Domains
  • TLDs (e.g. ccTLDs)
Layer 4: HTTP Headers
Layer 3: Root Files
Layer 2: Server Architecture
  • Config files
  • Load Balancing
  • Proxy
  • Caching
  • Dynamic serving
Layer 1: DNS